Why Synergy?

Financing that fits

Since 2002, our guidance has provided clients with access to new opportunities and financing growth, by delivering solutions tailored to every situation. 
We are a full service and expert lending agency. So whether it’s support for a new idea, or guidance in sourcing finance facilities, Synergy is your trusted finance partner. 
Founded by Kate Herschell – an experienced finance broker who has worked with the biggest banks in the country – Synergy helps hundreds of clients achieve their financial goals each year.
We work hard to always find the right loan and the right financial outcome for you. And we want to make sure your financing works with your lifestyle, to build wealth and realise your unique vision. 
We take time to get to know our clients and comprehensively understand their needs, providing financing solutions to everyone from experienced investors to young families taking their first financial steps. 
We achieve this by building long-term relationships with our clients, providing access to a wide range of finance products, with clear, relevant advice. 
Kate Herschell

“The experience of working with you compared to trying my luck with the local branch manager was worlds apart. Your advice was personalised, clear, responsive and ongoing. Thank you very, very much!”

“When I asked how much we could borrow to buy a bigger house, you asked about my priorities – and when I said I wanted to travel more, you suggested I reconsider the size of my house and mortgage. I could see you really cared about your clients and were honestly trying to help them.”

“Thank you for all your assistance, support and patience in getting my financial life sorted out. I’m grateful for your help with off-setting my mortgage accounts to maximise my flying miles.”

We look after our customers – that’s why 100% of our business comes from referrals and returning clients.